Coach Bus Simulator

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Learn how to drive busses through different city routes


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Coach Bus Simulator is an incredibly fun game in which you have to take the wheel of a bus and follow your designated route. This highly addictive adventure game will put you to the test through a range of challenging routes.

Firstly, you'll have to pull up to the bus stop as indicated by the game. Once there you'll be given a number of route options, feel free to pick any that tickles your fancy. Choose between different cities, and choose your route length carefully - longer routes will earn you more money, but will be filled with more obstacles.

Once you've selected the route, it's time to take control of the vehicle. Whether you prefer to use onscreen controls or tilt your screen from side to side, you can choose the controls that best suit you. Now, put your foot down and make sure to keep track of your location on the GPS at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure to follow the stop lights and to keep to the correct side of the road to ensure you don't hit other vehicles. As well as this, you also need to keep an eye on how much gas you have left in the tank, and how happy your passengers are with your driving.

Coach Bus Simulator is one of the best bus simulators around, with many challenging obstacles that will be sure to keep you entertained.